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Working with Dr. Rachel Stricker, ND, RYT as my Naturopathic Doctor has been transformative. Easily one of the best decisions I’ve made, in regards to healing & wellness. Rachel is an invigorating human. This matched with her level of knowledge, awareness, and care for her patients has me leaving each session feeling empowered and in charge of my health. -C.D

I just wanted to thank you for being so warm, present, kind, generous, and healing to me and my spirit. You are a rare and wonderful healer woman and I appreciated every moment you gave me with your relaxed and positive energy. -S.I. 

The work I was honored to receive from Rachel is not only at a high level of body work, it is an all-bodies-included spiritual, emotional, physical upgrade. -J.C.

I had such a grounded and healing Thai massage with Rachel. Her space is energetically calm and soothing and I felt pent up tension in my tissues dissolve as she applied the perfect pressure suited for my level of tension. She used some therapeutic oils as well which helped me feel centered and made the release/surrender to the healing work that much easier. I highly recommend a healing session with her. -C.G. 

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